Social Development Institute (SDI) is a not-for-profit research institute based in Budapest. SDI is a strategic partner of Political Capital (PC), a think tank founded in 2001. Both SDI and PC are independent, non-partisan think tanks committed to the basic values of liberal democracy, human rights, and market economy. In close cooperation with PC, SDI has an outstanding experience in research, consultancy, and advocacy, as well as in project management and event organisation. In the past few years, SDI was involved in many projects that dealt with the topic of the future of the EU, rising Euroscepticism and populism. We have been closely following the rise of the extreme right in Hungary and beyond (i.e. we published studies on the Kremlin’s influence on the far-right scene in Hungary and Slovakia), studied the violent radicalization of the youth and the tendencies of political violence in Hungary. Through our partner institute PC we were involved in the project called “New Pact for Europe” and participated in the organization of a conference and the elaboration of two publications. Also, via PC, our analysts took part in the project researching the nature and tendencies of political trust within the EU.